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15 mei 2008, 12:42
my name is Domen and i m from Slovenia. i m owner and admin of International tuning site. We are making new, better gallery with raiting and ranks (top100 cars, car of the week, month,....). With that anyone will have a chance to join competition...
You can upload pics of your car, you can introduce it on forum, you can post a coment...

I m looking for link exchange (clubs, forums), if you are interesting you can contact me here (PM), msn: bombastic86@hotmail.com, or by email: info@inter-tuning.org

Few info till now:

Members: 423

Introduced cars: 255

Members from: Holland, Belgium, Slovenia, France, U.K., England, N.Ireland, Australia, Spain, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Scotland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Poland, Romania

Link exchange: 74 (clubs and forums)



16 mei 2008, 09:46
I forgot to add link...